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drink & moan & diss.

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3rd February 2017

3:50pm: I haven't died yet.
Proof of life:

(I totally forgot how to HTML)

12th October 2006

2:24pm: ____pray for your teeth.
now i lay me down to sleep
i pray the lord my teeth to keep
if they should die before i wake
i pray the lord new teeth do make


30th August 2006

11:50am: ____RBT MNSTR

work is so boring today. So i'm not.

blahCollapse )

26th August 2006


more info inside!Collapse )

22nd August 2006

12:13pm: _____grrr.

Victim is supposed to every second Saturday of the month, however it seems to get moved around to bewtween the second & third Saturdays, which is okay. I guess.

This time it's the first Saturday of the month, which sucks for two reasons. One because we wanted Cutso to be the guest dj but he can't because he does Music Machine at Sofa the first Saturday of the month which me & Mike also like to go to.

& two, because I have way less time to do the flyer. AND they didnt even tell us that Victim is on September 2nd, we just happened to look on their website & it was up there. fucking ay.

Actually I have to have this flyer done by Thursday & I havent even started on it yet. yay.

& this has nothing to do with nothing.

27th June 2006

12:15pm: ____Stompin' in my big black boots.

Dude. I think I want these. But I dont know if I could pull them off. :/



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5th June 2006

3:42pm: ____Sketchmode.

i haven't posted any drawings lately cuz i havent really been drawing aside from shit to put on flyers. will post more as they come.

some shitsCollapse )

30th May 2006

12:27pm: ____i was looking at old emails.
& i found a few from my exgirlfriend,
here's a gem:

-----Original Message-----
From: hannah******@hotmail.com]
Sent: Wednesday, February 12, 2003 5:43 PM
To: mike@**********.com
Subject: reasons why you suck

dear mike,
you suck so much horrible shit. here is a list i composed.

1. my weed is in your car
2. fag
3. you are black
4. you are from milpitas
5. i am grounded
6. give me my underwear
7. dikey freak
8. one time you kissed me after i threw up
9. you have had your tongue pierced.
10. you are still a fag

****these are just some of the reasons you suck. for more reasons look in the mirror.

24th May 2006

4:07pm: _____Siouxsie vs Paris!

Siouxsie should write a song about Paris.
that'd be hilarious.

15th May 2006

1:13pm: ____kitty litter.

I got a kitten yesterday. It's a girl. I'm having trouble naming it. I was thinking 'Dump Truck' but my friend was like no way. Or as a tribute to Portishead, 'Beth Ribbons'. But I dont know. So for now I'm just calling it Shitten.

you guys should help me pick out a name.

more picsCollapse )

16th December 2005

12:21pm: ___mix tape.

it's going out today, fool.

& damn, i just realized i need a new layout so i can post pictures wider than 330px. >:[

15th December 2005

1:04pm: ____keyzzz.
i finally got my keyboard.

17th November 2005

3:45pm: ____DISUKO.

So, me, mike (Basura) & Jen (Cinderaura) got a monthly dance night at this bar by my house. It's called DISUKO (japanese for disco). We'll mostly be playing Post Punk/New Wave/Indie/Electro & mike has some crazy Mash-ups. I'm workign on teh fliers right now. This is what i got so far. I still gotta do the back & add some more info. When I do, i'll post that shit.

EDIT: here's our mypsace profile. add us.

p.s. I haven't been on theis piece for a hella days. goodtimes.

18th October 2005

8:54am: ____10/21/05 DANSE PARTY SUPREME!

I'm having a party on Friday everyone is invited. And if I know you & you dont come and bring at least 2 people with you, I will disown you. If I know you & you DO come & bring at least two people with you I will give you dollar. (i'm serious about the disown part & lying about the dollar part).

Anyways, here's the info:Collapse )

10th October 2005

1:35pm: ____untitled.

someone just called me from (999)999-9999 & i didn't answer because i was scared it was either god or the devil. & i'm pretty sure neither of them are too happy with me right now.

12:31pm: ____penpalz.

i must be the best penpal in the world...Collapse )

22nd September 2005

12:36pm: ___pencil's pestilence. (i like that line, ha)

i want to draw pictures of people. people running & screaming. stabbed in teh back. terror! i mean, i dont really want to draw that, but that's all i can think of lately. or at least that's what comes out when i put the paper to pen.

what the heck? am i a prepubescent boy? am i an acne faced 15 year old? that's what i used to draw in high school. classmates, faculty, janitorial staff. dead, dying, hair ablaze trying to run from my pencil's pestilence. but failing. miserably.

but seriously, i'm not a teenager anymore. where is all this angst spouting from? will i ever grow up? is it something that just happens, or is growing up like everything else, something you have to work on? cuz if so, that's some bullshit & i'll probably be 15 until i'm 30.

16th September 2005

1:16pm: ______untitled #49012398adf

i haven't written here in a long time for the simple fact that i have nothing to say. nothing worth while at least.


& i dont believe in posting a bunch of filler crap either. but 'what the fuck is this?' you might ask.

to that i say 'fuck you.'
& 'listen to this shit'.

beth gibbons - sand river

cranes - perfect world.

mamas & the papas - california dreamin'

lovin' spoonful - coconut grove

castaways - liar liar

3 inches of blood - fear on the bridge (upon the boiling sea)

8th August 2005

11:17am: _____just a thought.

Ever sing at the top of your lungs in your car on the way to work? yeah, that's a sin. one of the seven deadly ones. it's vanity. you just love to hear the sound of your own voice don't you, you concieted asshole.

The point is, there's not much you can get away with nowaydays, we're all going to hell. It's like getting your Bachelors degree in life & ending up in the same shitty job as everyone else. Some may be at the top of class, some may be in remedial studies. Doesn't matter. we're all going to the same place.

Going to hell is going to be like a big gigantor class reunion, but without all the nice refreshments. so see you fuck fucks in hell.

27th May 2005

12:24pm: ___clean.

my friends are opening up a skate shop in Oakland on Franklin & 14th. it's called clean.

more pics...Collapse )
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